About Us
SmartPay Inc. started with an online foreign exchange and wire transfer service (d.b.a Curexe) that began 4 years ago and based on feedback from our customers we developed our online debit solution to help Ecommerce store owners accept customer payments.

Feel free to check out https://curexe.com/ if you would like to do international transactions.
High-Risk Processing
SmartPay helps businesses that have higher charge-back risk and might have been shut down before. Please contact our team and if we can't directly help you we have partners that can.
Yes, we will analyze each business on a case by case basis and if our bank is okay with the risk we will service your business. Please contact us to inquire.
Online shoppers like credit cards for various reasons and one of them is it is easy to get their funds back if they aren't happy with a transaction. Our transactions can be disputed with their bank and if found legitimate then they receive their funds.

They are protected if the transaction is legitimate, but if it is an attempted fraud these don't go through due to several check points of fraud detection. Debit transactions don't have the same risk as credit cards that are easier to fraud.
We've learned that there is a percentage of the population that either doesn't like using credit or that doesn't own credit cards at all. These customers are dropping-off at your checkout and our business helps you capture this slippage. Our data shows that purchase conversions are increased by 12% on average.
This is very easy for us to set-up. Simply contact us so that we can better understand your invoicing process and we can help you get up and running.
It takes minutes to get up and running. Simply implement our one line of code to start accepting debit payments on your site.

First step is to register for an account with us and click the 'Integrate' tab at the top for instructions on how to implement our solution.
We don't want you to change the payment options you are currently offering your customers. Our solution is designed to complement with what you have and offer a debit payment option in addition to what you have.

Register for an account to test how easy this is and we are happy to answer any further questions you have around this.
No. We understand that the risk of funds not showing up hurts your business. SmartPay takes on this risk and since we avoid the credit card rails there isn't the same charge-back risk as with credit cards.
We are happy to discuss customizing this language, but the general bill payment shows: SMT CMS on your customer's bank statement.
We understand that businesses need their revenue to grow their business, which is why we pay out online merchants within 48 hours.
Payment Processors
Since we avoid the credit card rails and have global bank relationships we are positioned to offer cheaper pricing to help improve your margins.

We own the vertical supply chain in that we are the wholesaler (credit card company equivalent) and distributor (payment processor).
We work with several payment processing companies and help their merchants accept debit cards that increase their purchase conversions and get them access to their revenue within 48 hours.

We offer cheaper than interchange pricing so you are able to capture a higher margin on any debit payments made through us. Please contact us to discuss your needs further. We are happy to help!

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